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Gao Minglu Contemporary Art Center
Gao Minglu Contemporary Art Center
Gao Minglu Contemporary Art Research Center

Mission Statement

Gao Minglu Contemporary Art Research Center is a non-profit academic research institution that undertakes new research, archives information, curates exhibitions, organizes conferences publishes scholarly research regarding Chinese contemporary art on global level.

Chinese contemporary art has emerged into a new phase after thirty years of development. It not only confronts many problems in practice and criticism, but it also responds to the development of old and new institutions, art market, and a variety of situations filled with opportunities and challenges. The status quo is that market-oriented commercial space has been eastablished at an unprecedented pace on the one hand, while state-supported art institutions have bacome more and more dominant on the other. Nonetheless, there is no non-goventment academic institution that concentrates on research and study, thus, establishment of such “Third Space” institution located in China is imperative.

Founding of Gao Minlu Contemporary Art Research Center attempts to fill this need. We believe that only a non-government, non-profit research institution can build a channel between the art market and governmental institution. In the West, for decades, this kind of institution has been established, and it is from this successful model which we plan to emulate. Our institution is the first of its kind in China and we intend that it will operate on a national as well as international level.

Our research center is registered in New York City, but it will operated in China. We believe this arrangement will enable us to meet international academic standards, and to apply national and international sources, creating an international platform for study of contemporary Chinese art, open to the entire world.

Member of council:
Ding Fang, Ma Kelu, Wang Mingxian, Wang Birong, Wang Luyan, Wang Huangsheng, Wang Xiaojian, Wang Guangyi, Wang Youshen, Shui Tianzhong, Mao Xuhui, Zuo Zhengyao, Feng Boyi, Zhu Jinshi, Ren Jian, Liu Xiaodong, Li Guochang, Li Huasheng, Li Shan, Li Zhanyang, Song Yongping, Su Yan, Kao Yunqi, Wu Hong, Wang Hui, Wang Jianwei, Xiao Lu, He Juxing, Su Xinping, Su Xiaobai, Gu Wenda, Zhang Zikang, Zhang Peili, Zhang Xiaogang, Zhang Huan, Zhang Qing, Zhang Yu, Zhang Wei, Chen Xiaowen, Chen Songzheng, Zhou Yan, Zhou Guoping,Meng Luding, Yang Zhilin, Zheng Shengtian, Fei Dawei, Yu Ke, Zhong Biao, Xu Bing, Xu Hong, Xu Lei, Zhan Wang, Tang Qingnian, Yin Shuangxi, Dan Bo, Huang Zhuan, Huang Bingyi, Chao Ge, Sui Jianguo, Yu Hong, Zeng Lanying, Jiao Xingtao, Shu Qun, Jiang Wei, Xie Suzhen, Cai Guoqiang, Cai Jin

Alexandra Munroe, Curator of Asian Art at the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum.
Fan Di’ an, Curator of National Art Museum of China.
Feng Jicai, Vice-chairman of Chinese Federation of Literary and Art Circles.
Luo Zhongli, Dean of Si Chuan Academy of Fine Arts.
Melissa Chu, Curator of Asia Society Museum, Vice president of Asia Society global art project.
Norman Bryson, Professor of UC San Diego.
Okwui Enwezor, Dean of Academic Affairs at San Francisco Art Institute, curator, art critic, poet, and writer.
Pan Gongkai, President of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.
Pearl Lam, initiator of Chinese Contemporary Art Foundation.
Robert Storr, Dean of the School of Art in Yale University.

Contact Details:
Address: No.2 Lin, Laiguangying East Road, ChaoYang District, Beijing, PRC, 100012
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